IDEAS and Center for Nonprofit Excellence Partner on Creative Catalyst Program to activate Nonprofit Boards with Artists.

Creativity is fuel for innovation, and with exponential technologies and shifts in philanthropy disrupting current paradigms, infusing nonprofit boards with artists can help to drive toward a new, sustainable development model.

IDEAS and Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) have partnered to launch The Creative Catalyst Program (CCP), a new collaboration that trains and positions artists as core members of the Boards of nonprofit organizations in Louisville with no historical relationship with the artist community. The goal is to integrate great creative minds into comprehensive community planning and development in order to help strengthen the social, physical, and economic fabric of Louisville.

Practically speaking, this means having artists at the table alongside board members from sectors like banking, law, and business– with each sector recognized as a necessary part of any healthy, creative and thriving community. Artists aren’t just good at painting murals and sculpting statues, they excel at synthesizing, visualizing and creating insights that capture people’s imagination and can help diversify a Board, widening its vista and enhancing its governance and ability to examine organizational programs, mission, and vision.

“A nonprofit Board excels when its members are engaged, passionate about the mission, and reflective of the broader community.  This collaboration between IDEAS and CNPE can be a catalyst to infuse nonprofit Boards with the talent and perspectives to drive them to new heights,” stated CNPE CEO Gregory Nielsen. 

“As an artist-led organization focused on corporate and civic innovation, we understand the power of focusing creative minds on solving important problems,” explained IDEAS co-founder Theo Edmonds. “When properly trained and supported, artists are fantastic at helping organizations advance missions and at creating shared value between organizations and communities. IDEAS eco-system of innovators looks forward to working with CNPE to put Louisville on the map as the top spot in America for artists seeking to integrate their artistic practice into other platforms ranging from health outcomes to corporate innovation.”

This joint initiative between IDEAS and CNPE is part of IDEAS’s ongoing mission to increase the creative capacity of America’s workforce and CNPE’s efforts to enhance nonprofit Board diversity and performance.

During Phase I of CCP, IDEAS and CNPE hope to pair 6 artists with 6 nonprofit boards while developing workshops to include exchanges of insights and experiences between participants. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis a visioning report will be generated that outlines the ways that artists can work and enhance nonprofit boards in sectors ranging from education to healthcare.

Nonprofits and artists interested in participating should submit their information through the Creative Catalyst Program Page.

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