Innovation Pipeline / 15 + Lytle exhibit curated by IDEAS xLab, an artist innovation company based in Louisville, KY and Creative Agents of Change Foundation, will showcase processes and tools for systematically uncovering creative ideas and translating them into works of art investigating the interconnectedness of science and human creativity. 

Featuring seven Louisville-based artists who all have studios in an old furniture warehouse located at the corner of 15th St. and Lytle, Innovation Pipeline / 15 + Lytle includes work by:

The exhibit will showcase fabric arts, where quilts and collages are created from recycled handmade domestic textiles, chemigrams and photographs printed on paper and aluminum, paintings on canvas, a textile "passage" installation, sculptures and more. 

Innovation Pipeline / 15 + Lytle will be on exhibit at Clariant's Louisville site, located at 1600 W Hill St. until November 19, 2016.

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