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A cultural blueprint for a more just, creative + healthy America.

Culture is integral to the definition, creation and measurement of health and wellbeing across diverse communities.  IDEAS xLab brings together the creative industries with health sector and government leaders to develop community-centered, culturally-responsive, design approaches to health improvement. We frame generative discussions and prototypes with a bias towards collective action and equity.

As cultural producers, organizers, and innovators, we build strategies that focus on health improvement as a co-creation  effort between communities and public/private health sector organizations. In this effort, language and trust are often barriers that must be overcome first, in order for progress to be made.

Co-creating work, analyzing language, building trust -- these are standard tools of many poets, theatre companies, musicians, and other artists. IDEAS xLab combines these creative tools with science and transforms them into powerful strategies for population health and resiliency.  

In delivering specialized in-depth, cultural insights on life constraints and goals, and providing coaching for effectively managing culture-fit as a core component of all population health initiatives, IDEAS xLab helps communities, companies and governments become trusted partners in the co-creation of a better life for all.

By deploying a cultural change management framework to solution-finding, IDEAS xLab helps to identify and engage underutilized cultural assets as the foundation from which to envision, build, measure and spread the most impactful creative solutions for shifting attitudes and behaviors toward a culture of health.


  Louisville, KY - Cast of the Smoketown Poetry Opera. Part of IDEAS xLab's ArtPlace America Grant for Creative Innovation Zone.  2014

Louisville, KY - Cast of the Smoketown Poetry Opera. Part of IDEAS xLab's ArtPlace America Grant for Creative Innovation Zone.  2014

Our deliverables include cultural strategies, methods and communication tools designed for  effectively understanding the cultural challenges at hand. We are experts at transdisciplinary field  research and learning workshops for communities, governments and companies. 

From low-fidelity prototypes to minimum viable solutions that teach different types of communities how to effectively combine empirical and experiential data to move from “telling their story” to the creation of a policy initiative or an investable cultural enterprise, IDEAS xLab exponentially expands opportunities for health improvement.