Leveraging the power of arts, culture, and the creative industries to frame, seed, and scale innovation in health and wellbeing.

Our Why


Creating a Culture Shift: Corporate Social Innovation (CSI)

The future of business is tied to creating value: both in the market AND in society. In other words trying to do well while doing good.

IDEAS xLab believes that this phenomena is worth supporting with new research, development support and leadership training. Creative Placehealing® uses the dual lens of culture and health to solve problems through one of the most sustainable and scalable problem-solving machines we know: business.


In partnership with health researchers, we make and measure impact through a lens of health (employee, consumer, community, environment). In partnership with the creative industries, we create meaning by monitoring the bigger picture of human resilience and wellbeing found within America’s ever-shifting cultural landscape.

Business success increasingly depends on new business models and social impact strategies that have creativity, finesse and nuance -- the craft of artists and cultural producers. We are offer something truly bold in business — the ability to revolutionize corporate social innovation culturally. Instead of disruption: MEANING.

IDEAS xLab leverages the creative industries to support business in creating a culture of health. And, through a lens of health, aims to evolve the narrative of corporate social innovation in the 21st Century.