Client: XLerateHealth
Project: Thrive365
Artist: Man Bartlett 

Recently added to the portfolio of XLerateHealth, a Louisville, KY based company focused on early-state healthcare startups and affiliate companies, Thrive365 is a proprietary mobile health platform addressing the 385 million world-wide market of people with diabetes.

With support from Fund for the Arts, XLerateHealth was able to engage IDEAS and Residency Unlimited around Thrive365, selecting social media artist Man Bartlett as their artist innovator through XLerateART. Bartlett was charged with conducting in person and virtual surveys of people with type I and II diabetes, and pre-diabetes, which he did through an online survey, Leo Weekly Twitter takeover and in-person customer discovery in winter 2015.

During his residency, Bartlett explored the stigmas associated with diabetes and created a visualization of diabetes statistics and platform for dialogue through an exhibit called "Hey Sugar" at Zephyr Gallery during his month in Louisville.

In addition to Bartlett's engagement, IDEAS partnered with IdeaFestival , UofL, Thrivals, LVAA and XLerateHealth to create "The Art of Prevention," a diabetes themed walking gallery exhibit facilitated by nationally recognized artist and activist Regina Holliday. The exhibit explored the personal diabetes narratives of 5 Louisvillians impacted by diabetes - raising awareness and serving as an educational platform for the artists and participants alike.