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Nominate an Ambassador for Health in All Policies

Louisville won the Culture of Health prize from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2016. This award recognized the work that people are doing all around our city to make Louisville a healthier place.
The next step in this journey is to recruit more people to the cause. The Health Ambassadors program is looking for people who are changing neighborhoods and workplaces to make these places healthier. This work covers everything from planting gardens to starting walking clubs to teaching conflict resolution skills.

Do you know an individual who would make a good Ambassador? This award is not one to collect dust on a shelf. We’re looking for people who are creative, active and engaged in the community. Do you know a good candidate?
Use this form to nominate yourself or another person. It’s a simple process:

  1. Select the type of Health Ambassador – student, community, or corporate
  2. Answer 3 questions
  3. Share contact information

The program is free. The time commitment is 2 – 3 hours per year. The main responsibility of an Ambassador is to spread the word about the good work he or she is doing in our city. The first class of Ambassadors will be announced in April. We’ll announce a second group later this year at the Health Ambassadors Summit. At this gathering, the Ambassadors will share their own work with the group and take new ideas back to their workplaces, families and community groups. The most important task for these Ambassadors is to help make Louisville a healthier and happier place by taking action and changing the traditional idea of health. It’s free to participate.

The Institute and our community partners review the nominations and announce the first class in April. All nominees and contact information will be kept confidential until the class is announced.

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