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Our Emotional Wellbeing

Our Emotional Wellbeing (OEW) is a program focused on creating arts-based experiences with young people to impact hope and emotional wellbeing.  

OEW is being organized by IDEAS xLab, an artist-led nonprofit based in Louisville, KY, who has worked with artists, community partners and young people for over 6 years, primarily in Smoketown. The team includes photographer Josh Miller, poet Hannah Drake, and visual artist Chris Radtke.  

Our youth-serving partner organizations: 

  • Louisville Youth Group 

  • Justice League at Meyzeek Middle School

  • Bates Kingdom Academy

What is Our Emotional Wellbeing?  

We believe our students and young people have the power to impact lives. Their life, the lives of family and friends, lives around the globe.  

By working with local artists, young people can harness their power to create hope, building on their values as young leaders. Imagine creating a set of projects, activities and experiences with artists that could be used by other groups of young people to impact hope – which can impact academic achievement, and your health!  

The 2-year initiative (2019-2020) will involve young people from the Louisville Youth Group, Meyzeek Middle School Justice League and Bates Kingdom Academy. Each group will identify priorities and select an artist (visual artist, poet, writer, photographer, musician, etc.) to work with. 

To understand and document the impact of OEW, we are working with University of Louisville's Center for Creative Placehealing, a team that also includes an artist, and leader with experience in youth development and leadership.  

Have questions about OEW? Feel free to contact the artists at IDEAS xLab to learn more.