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A year-long initiative focused on how creative approaches and grassroots to grasstops network building can impact social, mind/body, environmental and economic health in Louisville, KY.  

 Preliminary planning session winter 2017 at IDEAS xLab.

Preliminary planning session winter 2017 at IDEAS xLab.

What is the Year of Arts, HeALIng, and Action!?

Led by IDEAS xLab, the Muhammad Ali Center, the Louisville Health Advisory Board and a cross-sector group of partners in Louisville, the Year of Arts, HeALIng, and Action! (AHA!) will host quarterly AHA! Moments, events that will: 

  • Provide opportunities for co-creation, customer discovery and launching the GUIDE TO GREATNESS, an art + health neighborhood toolkit being developed by IDEAS xLab in partnership with the Muhammad Ali Center, with support from the Humana Foundation and Fund for the Arts,
  • Operationalize the Six Core Principles of Muhammad Ali: Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality,
  • Spotlight individuals and organizations taking creative approaches to improving health and wellbeing,
  • Culminate during the International Month of Art + Health in November with a Design Jam – where Louisville's creative and innovation economies will come together to create a social impact initiative to measurably improve health (social, environmental, economic, mind/body) and decrease social isolation.

AHA! Moments is a completely FREE series of events launching April 13. In the morning, join us at the Ali Center from 8-9:30am and in Smoketown from 6-8pm at the intersection of Lampton and Clay. Similar programming will be offered at both events. 

The inaugural AHA! Moments event is being launched in tandem with IDEAS xLab’s 2nd One Poem At A Time community celebration, and will feature lightning talks at the intersection of creativity + health, poetry + orchestral performances, a visual installation, and more.  Participate and share your AHA! Moments using #YearofAHA.


AHA! Quarterly Focus:

Q1: Social Health

Q2: Mind/Body Health

Q3: Environmental Health

Q4: Economic Health


AHA! was designed to engage corporate leaders, organizations, and communities to think expansively about how arts and culture can positively impact our health, and to build grassroots to grasstops relationships to foster greater trust between Louisvillians.
— Josh Miller, Co-Founder and COO of IDEAS xLab.

 Mind/Body Workgroup during planning meeting at the Muhammad Ali Center. 

Mind/Body Workgroup during planning meeting at the Muhammad Ali Center. 

Participating Organizations include:

  • Louisville Sports Commission / Louisville Active

  • Louisville Urban League
  • Louisville Ballet
  • Manhattan on Broadway
  • Churchill Downs
  • University of Louisville
  • Louisville Metro
  • Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
  • The Pete Foundation
  • Fund for the Arts
  • Humana, Inc.
  • Health Enterprise Network
  • Louisville Visual Art Association
  • Passport Health

Health equity is one of the most important issues that our city faces. Living a healthy lifestyle was an integral part to Muhammad Ali’s success. The Ali Center is honored to be a partner in the AHA! Initiative so that our community can be inspired by his legacy and learn that a healthy lifestyle is a multifaceted journey.
— - Donald Lassere, President and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center.

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Support for the GUIDE TO GREATNESS - an art + health neighborhood toolkit being developed by IDEAS xLab in partnership with the Muhammad Ali Center - provided by the Humana Foundation and Fund for the Arts.


About IDEAS xLab: 

IDEAS xLab activates HOPE as a measurable, actionable, cultural innovation strategy for population health improvement - guided by the unifying philosophy that CULTURE SHAPES HEALTH. In delivering specialized in-depth, cultural insights on life constraints and goals, and providing coaching for effectively managing culture-fit as a core component of all population health strategies, IDEAS xLab helps communities, companies and governments become trusted partners in the co-creation of a better life for all. For more information, please visit www.ideasxlab.com/ 

About Muhammad Ali Center: 

The Muhammad Ali Center, a 501(c)3 corporation, was co-founded by Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The international cultural center promotes the Six Core Principles of Muhammad Ali (Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality) in ways that inspire personal and global greatness and provides programming and events around the focus areas of education, gender equity, and global citizenship. Its newest initiative, Generation Ali, fosters a new generation of leaders to contribute positively to their communities and to change the world for the better. The Center’s headquarters also contains an award-winning museum experience. For more information, please visit www.alicenter.org

More about the Louisville Health Advisory Board:

Launched in 2015 by Humana, Inc, the Louisville Health Advisory Board (LHAB) is comprised of more than 70 members including businesses, government, schools, civic and nonprofit organizations.  

LHAB's mission is to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of Louisville, with the goal of increasing the number of Healthy Days – your quality of life – 20 percent by 2020 and beyond.

Having more Healthy Days means things like spending quality time with family, exploring the outdoors, working jobs that challenge and fulfill us and opportunities to learn new skills. Click here to learn more.