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What We Love - Mr. Harris’ Third Period Theater  Class, Breathitt High School with Pauletta Hansel


What We Love

by Mr. Harris’ Third Period Theater Class, Breathitt High School with Pauletta Hansel

 I love love. 

Love is all I got. 

I love my cat, her pink toe beans and her tiny teeth. 

I love my rabbit, for which it is so soft. 

There are many things I love. 

I love my parents and the roof they put over my head. 

I love my friends, all giggly and funny, 

just talking about the future after school  

or about pointless topics. 

I know it is not unrequited love,  

for they make it known. 

I love the experiences I have with them, 

the lessons I learn from them. 

What I love isn’t easy to say. 

Love doesn’t simply go away,  

just changes in perspective. 

I love the way he cares for his friends.  

If they ever need them he is there. 

Hand in hand we walk through this world. 

I love this feeling. 

I’m a simple man: I love potatoes. 

That is all I love. 

I love a world that comes into existence  

when you press a button: 2-D, 3-D!  

It may not be the same, but in this world I would like to remain. 

Even though I say I love nothing, I love everything. 

I love raisins, 

the voices in my head, 

how the cold weather touches my skin. 

Yet at times my heart is filled with despair. 

It confuses me. 

Theater is a passion, my forever love.  

I’ll never forget the moments from Beauty and the Beast and Little Shop.  

I’m free to be me, crazy as a bat. 

I love being alone to practice my craft, 

the pen in my hand  

as my messy scribbles turn to masterpieces. 

I love myself  

for never letting anyone tear me down  

and for believing in myself. 

I love myself; I love my emotions and my own love. 

There is no one like me and that’s why I’m amazing. 

I love every aspect of all of these things—the good and the bad. 

So if you are confused about yourself and life,  

one word: 



Today’s question is a simple one, though your answer may be complex: What do you love? 


By Mr. Harris’ Third Period Theater Class, Breathitt High School (With Pauletta Hansel, “Our Breathitt” artist)  


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