Leveraging the power of arts, culture, and the creative industries to frame, seed, and scale innovation in health and wellbeing.
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Our work: HEAL Model

Our vision - a creative society where everyone has a fair chance to become their best self.

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IDEAS xLab's HEAL Model leverages:

  • Arts-based Tools: Storytelling, trust building, qualitative data collection using tools including Mads Libs style poetry templates, mobile apps (video, photo) and arts-based interventions,

  • Cultural Development and Strategic Cultural Communications including: Priority and Opportunity identification, Cross-sector network building, Setting goals, identifying pathways for change, activating community agency, translating across sectors,

  • Science: Measuring positive impact on collective hope/trust/belonging through HEAL model + Supporting community identified outcomes.


Through the HEAL model in Louisville, KY’s Smoketown neighborhood, we deployed a series of arts and culture-based activities and tools, which led to the creation of the Smoketown HOPEBOX - based on the priorities identified by the community. These included a laundromat and incubator for employee-owned co-ops, along with community gathering space, and a Compassion Clinic â€“ all made possible by multi-sector partnerships and continued leadership by the community.